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Kimble Chase

Kimble Chase
Kimble Chase is an integrated, world-leading resource for scientific laboratory glassware. They focus on tubular glass conversion and paste mould products for analytical and R&D labs in industry, government and education. Their wide selection of products for life sciences and chemistry is now manufactured in seven, strategically located facilities in order to supply the best combination of quality and value. It distributes a full range of reusable, disposable and specialty laboratory glassware for the following markets: pharmaceutical, chromatography, environmental, petrochemical, government, life science, and education - Full range of disposable glassware: vials, bottles, pipettes, columns, centrifuge tubes, culture tubes - Full range of reusable products: beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, Petri dishes, flasks, and cylinders. - Clinical laboratory products including culture tubes, vials, Pasteur pipettes, sed-rate tubes - Type I and III storage containers - Full range of closures, septa, and liners - Specialty glass apparatus referenced in ASTM, USP and AOAC and APHA procedures - Laboratory apparatus for sample preparation and analysis - Chromatography columns and accessories for HPLC, TLC and other chromatography products including mobile phase handling systems - Analytical instrumentation replacement and accessory parts - Micro filtration apparatus and assemblies - Molecular biology sample preparation products and accessories - NMR tubes and accessories

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